Benjamin J. Kallos
Attorney at Law
Technology, Bringing the Law up to Speed!SM
Our attorneys Work Smarter, Not HarderSM using and creating legal technology on the cutting edge to provide you with the highest quality legal work product. Working Smarter means using skillful means to work more efficiently using Technology, Bringing the Law up to SpeedSM saving attorneys and their clients both time and money.

Clients will be provided with a portfolio of Technology, Bringing Law up to SpeedSM LawTechTM Tools through our website*:

Case LawTechTM

No more wondering what is going on with your case. Track your case online, follow its progress. Gain immediate and constant certainty as to how, when and where your case is at all times.

Bill LawTechTM

No more monthly surprises when you open up your billing statement. Check your billing statement online anytime day or night to be updated on costs as your case progresses.

Doc LawTechTM

No more wondering what you are paying for and what exactly is in all those documents. Review your case file online anytime day or night, review your submissions, evidence, documents as well as those from the court and your opponent.


Use of LawTechTM Tools will reduce or eliminate attorney-client privilege against whomever you share your account with or whomever may gain access to your account.
Retired from for profit practice in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.
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